Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hypothyroids NEED a 'suppressed' TSH - the evidence

Many people with hypothyroidism suffer continuing symptoms despite treatment with thyroxine or other medications. This is often caused by too low a dose but GPs and endocrinologists usually feel obliged to follow the current (we say incorrect) guidelines which say that the dose must not be so high that the TSH level is 'suppressed'.

Now an electrical and electronics engineer with special knowledge of control systems has applied this understanding to the workings of the thyroid/pituitary feedback loop and concluded that someone on thyroid supplementation HAS to have a 'suppressed' TSH in order for their levels of thyroid to be high enough. This paper is a must-read for anyone on medication for an underactive thyroid who has continuing symptoms and has been refused a raise in their dose on the basis that their TSH will be 'suppressed', ie if it shows signs of being around 0.3 or lower.

The Warmingham TSH Hypotheseis can be found at thyroid expert Dr Lowe's site at

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